API endpoints that require pagination all follow the same pagination protocol described below.

Query Parameters

Pagination can be achieved by using the following parameters on endpoints that support pagination:

NameLocated inDescriptionRequiredType
pagequeryPage offset to fetch.Nointeger
per_pagequeryNumber of results to return per page.Nointeger
offsetqueryPad a number of results.Nointeger

Pagination Headers

Endpoints that support pagination will also provide pagination information in the response headers:

X-TotalTotal number of matching records.integer
X-Per-PageNumber of records being returned per page.integer
X-Total-PagesTotal number of pages.integer
X-PageCurrent page number being returned.integer
X-Next-PagePage number for the next page.integer
X-Prev-PagePage number for the previous page.integer
X-OffsetNumber of records skipped.integer

A maximum per_page of 100 is supported. The default is 20.